District 36

District 36

A former clothing factory, District 36 title comes from its location in midtown’s garment district on 36th street. Blocks from Herald square and the Empire State building, the 14,000 square foot dance club – built from the sound system out, embodies New York City nightlife. Not overly designed, the venue’s simple lay-out, in combination with quality sound, and top-tier talent gives patrons a stripped down nightlife experience without the excess.


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Recreational Activities in NYC

NYC ActivitesNew York City is a vibrant city with a lot to offer. However, one thing that seems to be missing, at least conceivably, from the New York City life. There are tons of things to do and see, but a lot of people think it might not be the best place for outdoorsy types and adventurers.

Our goal today is to refute that. We think there is actually quite a bit to do outside, the activities just get overlooked by pre-determining factors. First, it’s such a giant city, how are people supposed to find a good area for outdoor excursions. Second, even if you did find an area in New York City, it’s so spread out, how are you supposed to get there?

We have a few recommendations, and we’re just going to dive right into them. It’s important to remember that New York City is a peninsula, and there is also Staten Island and Long Island. If you’re looking for a place to do water recreation activities, there is no shortage of water. On top of that, there are plenty of companies around New York that specialize in renting out kayaks, paddleboards, and other water recreation paraphernalia. If you’re looking to buy your own, you might try your luck at a local sports authority store, or you can go online. We’ve regularly used Paddlepursuits.com. They review and compare prices for kayaks, so you can always make an educated decision. If you’re looking to get out on the water for less money, you can always check into an inflatable kayak.

Let’s say you’re not a water person, but instead you’d like to do some hiking or rock climbing. That works, we have a few places that would work well! New York City Park, (not to be confused with Central Park), is a great place to get out on the trail. It’s surprisingly large, and it has tons of trails, events, and facilities to offer. This is a great, hidden gem in the New York City area.

We hope this gives you some ideas of things to do in the New York City area. However, we’re always looking for new ideas and places to go. If you have a favorite place to hike, kayak, cycle in the New York City area, we’d love to hear about it! Simply leave a comment below, and we’ll respond or add your suggestion as soon as possible! Until then, happy hunting!

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Visiting NYC for awhile? Immigration lawyer shares tips

Are you taking a bit of time to get away from your every day grind and explore a new city in a new country? A weekend, 2 weeks, a few months? Coming to New York is definitely going to do just that! With new things to see and do every day, you’ll forget everything about your nine-to-five routine. The people, the streets, the smells and sights, you really can’t beat it. I know this all sounds like a blast and a vacation waiting to happen, but coming to NYC for any period of time requires a bit of planning and safety checking.

There are some things you want to make sure you do before getting on that plane and heading to the Big City.

1) Get your travel papers and passport checked by a lawyer.

Sometimes you can be surprised on the strict policies of border control (but you won’t be surprised if you’ve talked to your attorney). You should make sure to gather any necessary documents you may need (even if you think you won’t need them…bring everything) and bring them to a lawyer to check over and ensure that you’re good to go. If you’re coming to New York to work for a period of time form another country, this is even more important of a step. There are bigger repercussions for not having proper paperwork if you’re going to work in a different country than your own. This is very important!

2) Get health insurance.

For the time you’ll be in the states, make sure to get health insurance to cover you. Even if you’re here for a few days, stop by an insurance office and buy coverage for those days. You never know why might happen while you’re here, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a massive medical bill at the end of your trip. It’s far more practical and safe to spend the fifty to couple hundred of bucks to have yourself covered. You can feel assured while you’re here that you will be looked after if you get sick or have any sort of emergency. This can’t be stressed enough…be smart and protect yourself!

3) Safety first!

As cliche as it sounds, be safe while you’re here. New York is a busy place and people aren’t always following the safest path. Roads and crosswalks are a hugely populated area and it’s not hard to make a wrong call and step into the road at the wrong time. Stay aware of your surroundings because you can’t be sure what other people have on their agenda. With locals running to and fro and always in a rush, they’re not always looking where their going. In all other aspects of your time here, make sure to make wise decisions so you won’t actually have to take advantage of the health insurance you bought! No matter where you are you need to keep this in mind – in fact, I had a client in Vancouver in Canada, which is pretty safe, but they had a major issue! IT can happen anywhere.

4) Make sure someone knows where you are.

This goes hand in hand with #3. Make sure that someone back home knows that you’re visiting New York. This really goes for any vacation you take. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a friend, someone should always know where you are. Keeping them updated here and there to let them know you’re safe and whereabouts you might be is a great idea as well (parents love this).

Safe travels!

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5th Ave. NYC

Ah, New York. Such a unique place, perhaps the most diverse location on the planet. Now don’t get me wrong, for architecturally New York cannot compete with the buildings of centuries past found throughout Europe. Our country has a focus on boxed things, boxed apartments, boxy, blocky architecture. Very seldom do we use circular dormers, or spiraling spires, or anything outside the box. But I speak not of architectural diversity, for the diversity of New York lies in how many different types of people congregate here. NYC is the location of the United Nations HQ, it is the most populous city in the US, and the US is the country that boast it’s cultural and racial diversity so freely.

If you’re looking to shop when you’re in the city, I got a tip for ya – hit up 5th Avenue. There’s an almost endless selection of places to go. This place has a huge list of stores, including: Abercrombie & Fitch, Aerosoles, Aldo, American Apparel, American Girl Place, Anne Fontaine, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Apple Store, Aritzia, Armani, Armani X., Banana Republic, Bebe, Blanc de Chine, Borsalino, Bottega Veneta, Build-A-Bear, Bulgari, Club Monaco, Coach, Express, Faconnable, Free People, Gap, Godiva, Golfsmith, Gucci, Guess, H&M, Hollister CO, H. Stern, Innovation Luggage, intermix, J. Crew, Jewelers on 5th, Jimmy Choo, Joe Fresh, Juicy Couture, Karen Millen, Kate Spade, Kestenbaum, Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, L F Stores…..the list could literally go for days. The point is, this was a grand spot to stop, as far as shopping goes.

I’m more of a browser than I am a spender. I liked seeing the NBA store and Lego store – they seemed more out of place and less run-of-the-mill. There is very little difference between a Hollister CO, American Apparel, and Abercrombie & Fitch store. They ALL seem like over-priced clothing to me. But a lego store? That’s nostalgic, that’s ripe, that’s to the heart. That reminds me of being a child and waking up on Christmas morning, scrambling down the stairs, wondering what treasure trove of goodies and toys Santa would have brought me and my sister in the forms of carefully wrapped presents. An Egyptian lego set? I get to construct the pyramids out of blocks? Holy cow! What an awesome present! THANKS SANTA, YOU ROCK!

Case in point, I liked seeing the more outlandish stuff when I visited 5th Avenue. I remember a knife standing out, a particular knife that had to have been sharpened by a premium electric knife sharpener†or something. But that thing was cutting through all kinds of things with ease – dictionaries, coconuts, stacks of phone books. The blade was sharper than I felt comfortable with, in all honesty, and I shied away from delving too far into that stores wares.

In any case, 5th Avenue of NYC has all kinds of stores and goods for you to browse, I highly suggest stopping there should you have the chance. The buskers playing their instruments are worth the trip alone.

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Where to eat? NYC style

NYC PieNew York’s food scene is one of the world’s best. It’s almost as if it’s a microcosm of the entire planet all sitting in one small area for food lovers and the world in general to enjoy. If there is one thing that I love that immigrants did for us (other then you know, all the other things they’ve done for this great country) it’s bring their cuisines over.

New York is a melting pot of these cuisines. It’s beautiful to see Thai dishes infused with italian flare. As a result of all these fine immigrants and establishments popping up over New York, it really has become a mecca for food. Yet, when all too often the overpriced celebrity chef’s restaurant is amped up instead of the world’s best Sushi.

No matter what you’re in the mood for: sushi, greasy, pizza, pasta, healthy, convenient or just damn delicious New York has got it. For a couple of restaurants we’ve already highlighted check out this article.

I already highlighted one of the best Sushi bars I’ve ever eaten at so let’s skip that one and head straight over to greasy.

The Best of the Grease

There are so many amazing Diners in New York. Every time I think of New York Diners I immediately think of Seinfeld. What a terrific show – I digress. This list put together Ny.eater.com is a terrific start. Tops on that list? Orange hut. The number of times I’m stumbled home from the bar only to make the cabbie take me to the Orange Hut is amazing. It’s open until 2am and it’s dirty in that, this diner is dirty and probably the best thing I’ve had in over a year kind of way. If you’re in New York, make your way to the Orange Hut – it’s a classic.

Healthy: Keeping it slim and trim

With the recent surge of gluten free and dairy free, organic etc. etc. it shouldn’t be surprising that there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of delish healthy restaurants in New York City. I personally like the Green Square Tavern. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant that serves up an amazing Quinoa salad. Check this article out if you’re traveling and looking to stay healthy. Lulora has some great tips on the subject.

Pizza: The Icon

Pizza is the iconic NYC food. There are so many good establishments that serve up amazing pizza (it’s all about the dough and the sauce – anyone can get fresh toppings!) One terrific one is Lombardi’s. It’s hard to say who in NYC makes the best Pizza (there are so many damn good ones) but Lombardi’s is near the top any list. A quick Yelp search will help you locate amazing pie no matter where in the city you are. It’s incredible, there really is great pizza throughout the entirety of the city!

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NYC Travellers Advice

NYC TravelMuch like any large city, New York can be considered by some to be a dangerous city. Of course, no large city is without some dangerous areas and New York is no different. Generally, if you stay on the tourist path, you won’t encounter many if any uncomfortable situation and for the most part, you’ll feel 100% safe. But for those who like to travel a little bit off the beaten path, it is important to be prepared for a self-defence situation as like many big cities, muggings can be common in the big apple.

There are a couple of different options a traveller can carry as a self-defence weapon. Typically, self-defence gear which is discreet will be classified as tactical gear and can be found online or through a tactical gear store. If you are looking for something which you carry with you at all times including busses, airplanes, ETC a great option is a tactical pen. A tactical pen is primarily used for writing but has a secondary use as a self-defence weapon as well. Typically, a tactical pen will be shaped in a way which one end is extremely sharp and capable of piercing skin. In the case you are ever in a self-defence situation, you can simply use the pen to scare off a would-be attacker. Plus, it is also an extremely high-quality writing utensil which is always needed anyways when you’re travelling. Dual purpose!

Another option which is a little less discreet is a tactical knife. The best tactical knife will be one which is functional for your needs. Often times, a knife which folds will be most suitable for a traveller in New York as you always want to be discreet with a concealed weapon. With a folding knife, you should also consider an assisted release since you will not be using it very much, you don’t want to fumble with the blade in a self-defence situation. Another feature to consider is the weight of the knife because as a traveller, you don’t want to be weighed down by any unnecessary cargo. With that being said, having a carrying case is which is easy for you to have in your pocket or your belt is just as important as the weight as you need the knife to be accessible, discreet and functional.

New York City is in general a very safe city. It is also a very tourist friendly city which is why you will not need to worry about the above tools if you are staying in the touristy areas. If you plan to explore into some of the more ‘intimate,’ communities, I would recommend carrying something with you just in case.

And of course, if you’re in NYC, swing by District 36 for a rocking good time.

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District 36 Renovation

d36When you’re a premiere night club you stop at nothing to make sure the place looks exactly like it ought to. Trendy, social, mysterious and most of all hip. As many of you know our doors were closed for several months as we re-did the entire club. We felt like it was time for a massive overhaul, the large private booths with red leather chairs were no longer trendy they were sleazy. The oversized disco ball no longer said “nostalgia” but rather reeked of cheesiness.

Like any good business District 36 needs to continue to evolve. Imagine if a phone provider was still trying to sell 2007 technology. Clunky flip phones! They’d be out of business! We’re no exception, bringing in the hottest DJ’s is one way we keep the club fresh, the other way is to constantly change the vibe. Obviously this is an expensive overhaul and we needed to make sure we got it right.

We brought in custom rustic furniture from Calgary, AB of all places. We managed to get in touch with a local freight forwarder who made the shipment seamless. Although it’s possible to use a broker here in New York, I find having a broker on the shipping end makes the process seamless. They know the culture and can help iron out any issues you might have on your end.

Aside from new furniture we also re-did the flooring. The concrete floor look no longer appealed to us, and judging from what our customers say, it no longer appealed to them. The idea of the “warehouse” style club appeals mostly to late night rave parties, which isn’t district 36.

We also bought some more space adjacent to our existing property which allowed us to add an outdoor area which isn’t a smoke pit. Super relaxed patio furniture makes it feel like you’re in the suburbs lounging on your buddies terrace. We think it’s a pretty slick addition.

We hired high-end painting contractors (yes, such a thing exists!) to repaint the entire place except for the graffiti feature wall. That piece of art is unique to District 36 and we’ll probably never get rid of it. It was here when we first arrived and we hope it’ll still be around long after we’re gone.

Aside from the cosmetic changes we upgraded the sound systems and of course added sound to the outdoor area. We know that the shows we host are the life blood of our venue and something that separates us from all the other clubs in the area. This is something we take very seriously, so we actually upgraded an already world class DJ studio so our featured DJs have the worlds best setup to spin on.

We’re looking forward to unveiling the project to the public!

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Hippest Places to Ride in NYC

motorcycling in new yorkNew York is a really busy city and several people there choose to ride motorcycles because this form of transportation allows them to get around more quickly and easily. Smaller, efficient models also allow you to save money because they consume very little fuel. Exploring Manhattan and other parts of the city by motorcycle allows you to tour this American metropolis in a more intimate way than you would be able to if you were using a car.

Any tour of Manhattan should start at a notable point, such as Battery Park. This public recreational park is located in Lower Manhattan. It hosts a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal alone or with travel partners. You can also see the East Coast Memorial which is dedicated to the servicemen who died in World War II.

After leaving Battery Park you can go up the Avenue of the Americas and past Macy’s to the New York Public Library. Take a quick break in Central Park and see famous tourist attractions such as the boat bridge, Bethesda Fountain, the Conservatory Garden and Strawberry Fields. You can also see less famous places in the park, including the spots where movies such as Enchanted, Ghostbusters and Maid in Manhattan were shot.

After seeing Central Park, turn north to head towards Harlem, the home of artists such as Romare Bearden. You will pass ornate and gothic-style buildings such as First Corinthian Baptist Church and Abyssinian Baptist Church. Hamilton Heights retains many elements of the Harlem Renaissance and while riding along Convent Avenue you will see Oxford-inspired structures and Gothic spires which have appeared in several films.

After leaving Harlem you can go into the Bronx and FDR Drive and then cross the East River into Queens. All of these areas have interesting attractions and you should look out for Louis Armstrong’s home in Queens or listen for the multitude of languages that are spoken there. Astoria Park in Queens, Elmhurst’s Chinatown and the arts community in Long Island are all great places to see.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet is crucial when you are riding around NYC. All of the interesting places to visit around around the city are frequented by different types of vehicles. You cannot predict how other road users will behave so you should always make sure that you have taken steps to protect your life. While riders often wear protective clothing when they are out on the streets, it is absolutely crucial for them to wear a helmet, like the Icon Airmada (see the review here) which protects their skull from impact.

When you do wear a motorcycle helmet, you are more likely to emerge with your life if you meet in an accident. Knowing that you have a fail-safe allows you to be a little more relaxed as you ride over slippery surfaces. There are also potholes that may be in unexpected places and these can throw you off when you are exploring new regions of the city. There are many beautiful lakes and mountains to explore around the state. Wherever you go, protective gear can help you to stay around so you can explore interesting locations as much as you want to.

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The Best BBQ Joints in NYC

New York City is renowned as having one of the best restaurant and dining scenes in the world. Itís vibrant, exciting, accessible, and incredibly diverse – offering all sorts of cuisine from all around the world. Whatever your taste buds are tingling for, you will find simply dozens of restaurants in New York City all vying to prove that they have the best food on offer.

Whether you are drawn to Chinatown, Little Italy, Korea Town, or the Meat Packing District, you canít fail but to be impressed by the food of this enormous, sprawling metropolis. One of the uniquely North American styles of cooking is barbecuing or smoking the meat to produce a soft, juicy, tender texture and a dish that is packed full of flavor. Needless to say that some of the best barbecue restaurants in the world can be found in New York City. Compiling a list of the best of these barbecue restaurants is a real challenge as everyone has their own local favorites that they will stand loyally by, but here are five of some of the best exponents of this cuisine in New York City (and not all of them are in Manhattan).

If you are hanging out in Queens then check out Butcher Bar on 30th Avenue. They are
particularly famous for their home made sausages but are also serving up very well respected brisket and ribs.

In the East Village on 2nd Avenue you will find Mighty Quinnís Barbecue – many will tell you that this is the best pulled pork in the city. The secret is apparently in the salt and pepper rub.

In Williamsburg you can find BrisketTown which takes a traditional approach to preparing the meat that it serves – that means that it takes sixteen hours to cook the chunks of beef using an oak-fueled fire.

On 26th Street you will find Hill Country – you order your meal at the counter and then it is served to you on butcher paper. Favorites†here are the Kruez sausages, the brisket and the spare ribs.

In Brooklyn head straight to Fatty ëCue. This place is something beyond the traditional barbecue joint, with a real south east asian flavor. Desserts here are phenomenal.

So while there may still be some debate as to which city in the United States delivers the best barbecue meats that you can find, it is hard to deny that the city of New York is right up there with them. Of course the secret is in†the smoker used to cook the meat – this is a different ball game to the best electric smoker†that you are using at home, the barbecue chefs of New York City have invested in top of the range all wood smokers – and the results speak for themselves.

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Hungover? Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

manhattan-kayak-companyDid you know that paddle boarding, yes paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the entire world? Anyone who has jumped on a Stand Up Paddle Board for a leisurely cruise knows why.

It’s incredibly fun. It’s a good work out that doesn’t actually feel like a workout. It’s relatively inexpensive, as you can rent boards for a twenty or thirty dollars a day (or buy you can check out these paddle board reviews if you plan on buying your own) and it’s a relatively easy sport to pick up.

Next time you’re in the state of New York and you’re looking to work off one of those dreaded hang overs from dancing the night away at Distract 36 consider going out on a paddle board adventure.

There are lots of companies in New York that’ll get you all setup with equipment and lessons if you need those as well. The New York Kayak company is located right off the Westside Highway conveniently next to the Hudson River. They’ve been in business for 20 years supplying fine water sport equipment to those looking to rent. They also sell new & used Paddle Boards, although they’re pretty damn expensive compared to buying them online through amazon.

If you’re looking for courses and instruction they also provide that. They specialize in paddle boarding and kayaking so you know you’re receiving an instructor who gets paddle sports. If you’re looking for guided tours they offer those as well, really they offer just about everything you could possibly need.  Finally they also offer private group tours and courses. This is perfect for your corporate retreat or as a team building event. It’s amazing the type of bonding that occurs when you have no access to cellphones and the only distraction are other paddlers. The next time you’re out in New York City consider checking them out!

Another great Paddle Board Company is Manhattan Kayak Company. They’re located on the 66th pier and offer a wide range of services including rentals & courses.

The nice thing about learning to SUP in New York is the water right near the pier is actually very calm, a perfect spot for any beginner to learn the basics of the sport. If you travel out a little bit the water gets rougher which some SUP vets may enjoy.

Finally, for all you Yogi’s you should seriously check out KamaDeva Yoga’s stand up paddle board yoga class. If you’ve never done yoga on a SUP you’re in for an absolute treat. While it can be difficult to hold your poses, it really is the most breath taking thing. Something about that water…

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Eating Galore – Some of the Best New York Restaurants Reviewed

RestaurantThere’s many excellent restaurants scattered around New York City and it can be hard to choose among them if you want to have some fine dining experience or moment. You can ask friends or look for online sources in order to decide and if you are here because of the latter, you are at a great spot. We are going to review two of the best restaurants in New York City.

Oriental Garden Restaurant

Situated at 14 Elizabeth Street (Bayard Street) New York, N.Y. 10013, the Oriental Garden restaurant offers a variety of Chinese cuisine. It has a beautiful atmosphere consisting of a series of staircases and elaborately decorated room below street level. It has a plenty of comfortable booths and banquets.

Considered as Chinatown’s best seafood restaurant, as soon as you enter the place, you can see tanks of crabs, prawns and clams. This is an indication that Oriental Garden values the freshness of ingredients.  They offer an extensive choice of expensive and international wines. They also have a wide choice of sake, spirits and special cocktails. If you happen to jump in, don’t forget to try their Peking duck, stir fried duck, shao leung dumplings and vermicelli rice noodles with chicken soup and peas.

They also offer catering and takeout and there’s wheelchair access for those who needs it. However, take note that there are no lunchtime reservations here.

Balthazar Restaurant

Those people who enjoy fine French cuisine will love this place. However, keep in mind that this place can be as crowded as you think. Taking reservations is a must if you don’t want to wait. And if you accidentally bumped in without noticing, make sure that you are ready to have a place to wait either outside or inside the restaurant.

Located at 80 Spring Street (Crosby Street) New York, N.Y. 10012 SoHo, you can expect a fine restaurant that serves French cuisines. The place’s atmosphere is great with Faux Parisian brassiere with faded mirrors, bright lighting and red banquettes.

The food they offer ranges from goat cheese tart, seafood platter to their very own Balthazar salad. But the recommended dishes are Brandade, goat cheese tart, escargots, seafood platter, Balthazar salad, steak frites, chicken paprikash, Pavlova, tarte Tatin and profiteroles.

They also offer alcohol and wines. Among them are the respectable French wines costing around $40 with a good selection of aperitifs, wines by the glass, ciders and digestifs. Most people consider it as the best lunch/brunch spot in New York City, so if you are seeking for a great lunch/brunch time, make sure to check out Balthazar restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Those two are some of the famous and best restaurants in New York. They offer different type of cuisines but both of them excel in what they do. For those who love foreign cuisine, these two offers the best Chinese and French cuisines respectively.

There’s still a hundred other restaurants out there, but I’m sure that you must try these two first before diving into others.

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Best New York City Nightclubs

AvenueObviously, we think District is the best nightclub in NYC. That said, we’re not greedy and we love the scene – here is a list of our top clubs in NYC!

There’s no doubt about it, New York City has some of the best night life in the world and if you happen to be there with your buddies, you’ll be surely asking one another about the things that you are going to do tonight. The number of ways one can spend a night at NYC is as diverse as the city itself. With a large number of clubs per capita, and you will be drenching with sweat even in the cold of the night. Have you and your friends already decided where to spend your boy’s night out? If you haven’t decided yet, then take a look at these five great places to spend your nightlife. Get ready and dive!



116 10th Ave.

Opened last 2009, this mid-sized club is the place to go if you want to conquer the door for bragging rights. This also has become the destination for New York Society and scenesters alike. The bouncers take the velvet rope seriously. The interiors looks gloriously decorated country mansion with wood paneling and aristocracy portraits. They have a right amount of pop, rock and hip-hop for danceable music. The drinks are pretty expensive which are matched with a food-heavy menu.


178 Ludlow Street

A pseudo-dive bar in the lower east side, beautiful people comes here to gather as if they were artists. There’s pinball machine, jukebox and a pool table. The interior is a tall and big ceiling room with a generous amount of booths. It has a brightly-lit bar area which allows you to see some local artwork. This place is always pretty packed up so there’s a big chance to bump up with some pretty girl. Most people here are hipsters and wannabes, but it’s one of the best places at night in the city.


74 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn

This place can be called a suitable location for diehard house and techno aficionados. Output offers an experience that came from Berlin’s mega clubs. It doesn’t have intimidating bouncers, great interior or bottle services, instead, you can find a large concrete room with a balcony and dim lighting. Getting at the door is no hassle as its main focus is on the music, crowds come here to dance to world class DJs late at night. Clientele includes techno nerds, ravers and a few hipsters. Also, there’s a strict no photograph rule inside.

Santo’s Party House

96 Lafayette Street

This two level, 8000 square feet New York City nightclub is a perfect dance venue. It’s a three in one venue acting as a concert hall, club and bar. This could be perfect whatever mood you have every night. Its bars offer cheap drinks, a must have in this time of economy. The place is fairly clean and new, despite being the venue of hundreds of parties in the past months. It has the best sound system in the city and Andrew, the owner, pops up every now and then, telling you to “Party Hard!”

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